Making the JUMP

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I was standing at the edge of the cliff w/ two options in front of me.. I could either turn around & return to my comfort zone OR I could take the leap of faith & jump.

I had never been in a situation quite like this before .. To be honest I was a bit overwhelmed w/ emotions & extremely nervous, but at the same time I felt extreme clarity in my decision making process. It felt as if I was being pulled in a certain direction. As if something much greater than myself was guiding me. This brought me a lot of comfort.

In that moment I had a decision to make. Long story short, I jumped ..


Setting Yourself up for Diet Success: Meal Prepping


People are full of excuses.. It’s never their fault that things don’t go as they had hoped. This applies to business, relationships, diet & everything in between.

One of the most important aspects to diet success is always being prepared.. There’s no reason to ever be unprepared.

The best way to be set yourself up for diet success is meal prepping & planning ahead. 


4 Life Lessons from the Gym


I grew up in the gym.. Although I have great parents that have taught me oh so much in life, the gym has served as another parent figure in a sense. Arguably the most crucial years of my development as a human (16 years old until present day) were spent in the gym. I met my biggest mentor to date in the gym and we still train together every single day.

Long story short, stepping into the gym at 16 years old changed the trajectory of my entire life and I believe it can do the same for you..